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Our coaching clients consist of small business (sole trader – 50 employees) owners and management teams, self-employed professionals and corporate managers and supervisors. The focus is not on troubled businesses or careers.

Instead, we work toward increasing success, changing cultures and careers or developing and expanding business skills.

Over twenty-five years of business ownership, professional speaking and business development experience adds the dimension of consulting and training to the assets I bring to my work with you and/or your company.

While potential clients have thought that business coaching was not an expense they could add to their budget, once they experienced coaching and its great rewards many of them found that the Return on Investment made coaching invaluable and it has become a permanent part of their budget. You can choose the frequency and duration of your coaching process and therefore control the costs as well.

As someone who has been successfully self-employed for approaching thirty years, and, having run and managed highly successful businesses for others I know that making a business profitable and creating longevity for that business requires focus and consistent, persistent and enjoyable work.

So I invite you to take your business success to the next level.

A personal trainer is the ultimate in fitness – a personal coach is the ultimate in business. Give yourself what you need to succeed so contact us today for a confidential chat about you, your needs and your business.