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The Keys in Picking the Right Person

The Keys in Picking the Right Person Apparently, not everyone we hire in our business becomes an asset to our company. However, hiring process is a tedious, expensive, time-consuming and growth-slowing. These are some techniques to make sure that every…

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Finding the Right People

Finding the Right People Human beings can be your greatest weapon to create a blast in your company’s success or rust that can start ruining its stability. Can you be certain that your people will be your assets and not…

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Creating Postitive Attitude

Creating Positive Attitude Attitude is something hard to deal with. Creating positive attitudes can seem to be not feasible at all. It can destroy even the strongest company and it’s all in the hands of the leader. Addressing employee’s attitude…

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Can You Sight Your Future?

Can You Sight Your Future? Peter Thiel, a co-founder of Paypal once says in his book Zero to One that what makes the future distinctive and important is not that it has not happened yet, but rather that it will…

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