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The first thing’ you need to ask yourself is ‘Will my business and I both benefit from Coaching?’

I currently work with both one on one and in a group environment with a select group of forward thinking, energetic and dynamic business owners in Australia and around the world who want to:

Achieve the growth and profitability they know they deserve
Create new and exciting intellectual property and may be looking at creating recurring income streams
Change from being stuck as an anxious small business owner to a more relaxed entrepreneur, with multiple income and equity streams

The people I work most with are normally:
Part of a small yet dynamic leadership team, and/or
At the top of a fast growing business, and/or
Very clear about the sizable financial outcomes they need that will sustainably support their future lifestyle.

Many times before meeting me these people will feel their business has recently ‘stalled’, ‘gotten stuck’, or ‘hit a brick wall or glass ceiling’.

Their hearts and minds often tells them that they could be so much bigger / better / both, if only…

Its people like this who don’t want a business coach who just asks you nice questions and holds your hand and tells you what you want to hear. What these people really want is a business coach that can deliver a customized and personalized coaching program that will help you to achieve your potential.
Working with me as your Business Coach
I personally will only work with a small number of select clients each year, primarily in Melbourne but also right across Australia and the world.

My process is really simple: Let’s Chat. If we like each other, let’s catch up for a face-to-face meeting and find out what’s important to you.

Once we know what you want and why I then need to decide if I can help you, if I am the right coach for you, are you ready to be helped and quite frankly if you fit the profile of someone I want to help.

If we tick all the boxes we then set up a time to undertake a Business Discovery Session to really drill down you’re your needs and wants and to determine how much value you will get if we are both happy to begin coaching.

From there, we create a personalized plan for the next 12 months and more specifically who needs to do what by when for the next 90 days all built within our processes to help deliver you an ongoing return on investment that exceeds our initial expectations together.

If this all makes sense and you want to see where we go to from here keep reading.

Our First Steps Together – Let’s Chat
Our first step together is designed to see if we really might have a match between what you want and what I deliver.
Initially we have a 15 minute chat on the phone
Next is a face-to-face meeting either in my office or via Skype which can last as little as 30 minutes but has been known to last longer depending on your needs
and all of this costs nothing.

If that’s all you need to know, you can organize this meeting right now:

Just fill out the contact me box on this page or call us on (03) 9975 7300 and press option 1 (or you will get transferred to one of my other businesses)

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What’s On The Agenda?

The agenda for our first meeting is to understand your business, your dreams, and your challenges so we know what’s important to you. You may or may not have worked with a business coach before so this session is also designed to give you an experience of what coaching is all about and answer any questions you may have for me.

By the end of this meeting, you will want to know whether you trust me and of course my recommendations so that for next steps you will need to take to grow your business from good to great.

Its extremely important that I have a much clearer understanding of you and your business to know if you meet my client criteria, or if indeed there are more suitable coaches better placed to help you.

During this session if either of us don’t feel this is a match, let’s agree to be honest with each other and just say so and save each other time.

Before we meet we would have sent you dozens of written and video testimonials from business owners just like you and If you would like to take it one step further and speak with some of our clients who have agreed to discuss their successes with us, I would be delighted to provide you their details so you can speak to them.

If we go beyond this first meeting, the most likely next steps are briefly explained below.

If that’s all you need to know, you can organize this meeting right now:

Just fill out the contact me box on this page or call us on (03) 9975 7300 and press option 1 (or you will get transferred to one of my other businesses)

The Discovery Session

This is a mandatory part of the coaching process with me and is one of the few things that I am not negotiable about. Lets face it, when was the last time you had your business confidentially reviewed by an objective, expert advisor for anywhere from 2 to 4 hours?

We start the process with a brief Fact Find of what’s important to you, we also look at your current systems, what your current structure is, what resources you can bring to bear during the coaching process and product or service offering.

We need to ensure during this meeting that we are working together with the correct facts, and together we consider all the possibilities without making any rash assumptions about your needs and goals and of course your business.

This process ensures our recommendations to you are tailored, not generic step by step processes that were taught in a coaching classroom.

Ideally, this review can be expanded to include private interviews with each member of your team. This way we can look into things from your team’s perspective, which is tremendously valuable even when it confirms your and our observations. What we find with an extended discovery session is we get their ongoing support of any recommend changes begins at this phase.

During this session we will also:
Introduce a number of new frameworks to establish a stronger overview of the business
Have a clearly documented set of findings from the discovery session
Prepare together a clear and personalized Strategic Roadmap which will help connecting your business’s current reality with your vision by identifying who needs to do what by when to get what outcome
Detail the actions and activities we believe would best benefit you and your team right now!

This is essentially an intense coaching session, with the outcomes we create together set as the basis of a clear and strong strategy for the future.

For larger businesses, we will often recommend multiple Discovery Sessions at this step to ensure all of the owners / leaders are aligned and have the same focus before moving forward.

The important thing is that at every stage, we will provide you with supporting documentation, diagrams, and tools all in simple and clear language and absolutely no tech speak to assist you to achieve your business goals.

At the conclusion of your Discovery Session, you will have a much better understanding of your business and where it is today, where you want to go and a clearer understanding of what we need to do together to get there.

If that’s all you need to know, you can organize this meeting right now:

Just fill out the contact me box on this page or call us on (03) 9975 7300 and press option 1 (or you will get transferred to one of my other businesses)