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Business owners seeking the expert guidance of professional Business Coaches typically look for Business Coaches who not only are successful Business Coaches and professionals, but who also have a genuine interest in assisting them.

Your Business Coach:

  • Helps you look at the big picture for your business and
  • Guides you in enhancing your business skills and intellectual
  • Provides candid feedback to you about your strengths and
  • Helps you identify business
  • Links you with professionals and organizations that can assist you in solving
  • Helps you through the transitional periods in starting and growing a small
  • Assists you balancing your personal with your business
  • Listens to the problems you are facing, helps you set goals and develop a plan, and requires you to carry out and implement your
  • Encourages and motivates you, building your sense of self- worth and confidence.

The coaching partnership begins with a lengthy startup session in which the coach learns all about you and your business.

Following that, you and your coach will meet on a regular basis, either in person, Skype or on the telephone, to assess the changes that have occurred, to set strategy, to clarify your current problems and goals, and to set your goals and objectives.

The Startup Session

Your Business Coach will schedule a startup coaching session in which the coach will ask you many detailed questions about your business and your life. You can expect this startup session to last at least two hours. Some Business Coaches will provide you with a list of questions, a contract, and other tools prior to the startup session. This session sets the tone and style for the coaching partnership. This is the session in which you set the goals and objectives for the coaching partnership.

Continuing Coaching Sessions

On a regular schedule, you and your coach meet to:

  • Check in on any homework assignments or agreements you made in the previous
  • Identify and clarify the goals and objectives for you and your business for the next coaching
  • Create a plan for meeting your goals and objectives during the next coaching
  • Check in on your work/life